Dreamer, writer, lyricist and songwriter of the album “Fear.Armour.Paradise” Alora’s works are laced with a vulnerable storytelling of life’s journey. Honest and compelling in it’s detailed imagery and emotive simplicity Alora’s ability to paint a vivid landscape in her breathy vocals transports listeners to a genre beyond the realms of just music, to a very intimate place.

Originally penned for it’s private use as a First Dance Song on her Wedding Day, Alora’s best-selling track “Castles” was unintended for public release. With an unexpected wave of support from wedding guests, wedding vendors and across social media, the song along with the EP launched onto I-tunes in February 2018, followed closely by its April release to Australian Radio. 


Born in a wooden house by a coconut plantation, Alora's childhood was filled with the pleasures of simple island life. A place where tropical myna birds calling from the papaya trees awoke you in the mornings... Where coconut juice and steaming tapioca cakes were what you feasted on before a rickety ride to school; and where entertainment was finding wild clams along the shore, swimming in waterfalls or racing pet tortoises.

When Alora moved to Australia with her parents. Her world changed. With a fifty dollar note as the family's only possession- moving to Australia - life stayed simple. Without a babysitter, Alora in her early years, occupied the quiet hours of her day flicking through her Mother's nursing anatomy texts and watching her favourite movie on replay, 'La Bamba' the Biography of Latin guitar legend, Ritchie Valens. Nothing fascinated her more than the sketches of the human body she thought to be a picture book, and the soulful chords of a guitar.

In highschool. Alora grew into a quiet and shy persona who threw herself into her Art Scholarship. The Art Program explored mediums of oils, pastels, sculpting, charcoal, graphic design and as a pilot trial for the scholarship... An elective unit. Music production.

It was one semester of heaven. And, Love at first sight.

Too bad about High School Finals- which soon followed to interrupt the smattering of songs written on her bed over the top of Math and Chemistry books. The magic of High School was over too soon, and after a few brief weeks of summertime the Vortex of University life soon took over.

Alora was the first University Student in her family and after her Graduation, Alora became drawn to the pathway of working with disadvantaged children where she was blessed with the life-changing opportunity to travel to Vietnam as a part of a Medico Volunteer group to provide Medical Aid to children in Rural and Remote Orphanages. The significance of the disadvantage these children faced had a profound impact on Alora, making her a passionate advocate of Child Protective Organisations, Women Shelters, Anti-Violence and Protective Services Initiatives

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A self professed Avenger’s junkie, Alora explains her ethos to life.

“Too much Avengers CAN BE good for the soul. Each and every one of us should have the goal of saving the world…I have a vision of my music doing something meaningful. Music that fights for a cause. I can imagine nothing more profound.”

- Alora

"Working with Alora has been an absolute pleasure. She’s very talented, well-spoken and simply a delight to talk to. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I really look forward to working with her in the future." \

- Laura Masia, Editorial Coordinator TAKE 5 MAGAZINE Bauer Media Group


"G’day Alora,  LOVE your music and want you to be encouraged to step out and record more. You have a beautiful voice and an endearing style, I can’t wait to hear more from you. LOVING the EP!!!  Many blessings to you both x " 

- Hank David, Producer, AUSSIE GROWN RADIO


"Welcome Alora to the ARP family! So excited to show off her beautiful sound to Australia. Love the calibre of music coming through at the moment!"