It is our to raise a banner,

and a people, for global freedom. A new approach that examines and provokes cultural conversations on empathy and healing in a holistic mindset that understands that both victim and victimizer have been slave to an evil and bondage over the mind, heart, and identity. We will work to understand and partner in response to young women with shattered confidence at the hands of modern beauty standards, as well as young men who feel the pressure of patriarchy and toxic masculinity. We will utilize art, fashion, media, and empowered sensuality to combat and redefine the toxic shaming cultures and uninformed world views of this modern war. Where others have chosen to demonize, we will choose to draw upon empathy. Where others have raised their voices in blind rage, we will raise education and awareness with purposeful and tactful delivery. Where others have seen an enemy, we will see a fellow hurting human being and echo, in words and action, the lasting truth of Dr. King: “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

This approach is intrinsically bound to the legacy of love and leadership of unified men and women, as illustrated by Mahalia Jackson and Dr. King; and dually, bound to the promise we built this dream upon: “We will never stop fighting for you, no matter what the cost.”  

We are not heroes; we are humans; believing that such a foundation is the most important place to begin, thus focused on approaching what makes us all similar, and dually, beautifully different.

The flag we raise is a tattered one; beautifully flawed by the sweat, make up, paint and polish, glitter and grunge of the various artistic concepts we have created with a most beautiful army of young men and women; it is not a pristine or polished remnant; it is not without themes of darkness and despair; yet it does not wave without hope.  

For Liberation, 

Daniel V . The Mahalia Project